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KOHLD was founded on 11 July 2013 in Rotterdam and is engaged in the design and development of clothing with its own unique style. The brand KOHLD originated from the true love for fashion and the desire to touch people through its creations. Every human being is unique and we believe that everyone wants to be recognized in its own way. Our mission is to do everything we can to help people finding their own unique style in wearing our creations.

Where does the brand name KOHLD originate from? The name KOHLD is inspired by the rare precious metal gold, which is also recognized as the King of Metals. Gold gives you a lot of options and it always combines well no matter what you wear. That is also what our brand KOHLD stands for. We want our high-quality clothing with its unique handmade designs to be available for everyone, whether you want to wear it for a sporty, casual or casual-chique occasion.

Every KOHLD design we create comes with a story. Everyone has their own story and we want to create designs inspired by the lives of people to inspire others. Details play also an important part in this; it’s not just the design itself that counts, but the details of it that makes the difference to give it a unique touch.

KOHLD wants to tell you a story with their designs. Only you are the person who can find the answer to it and be the messenger.


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